December 3rd, 2016
Phi Delta Theta at University of Texas at Arlington

It’s basically a party without alcohol. We’ll be having party games with non alcoholic beverages, live DJ, black lights, and a lot of fun.


November 21st at 5 30
CPC Greens

We here at UTA Phi Delta Theta couldn’t be more excited for UTA Basketball. Come join us at the CPC greens on Monday, November 21st to tailgate. We will have cornhole, beer pong, trash can pong, music and much more! BYOB and if interested please contact Aakash Maniyar at (425) 372-6326.

White Elephant Date Party

December 10th, 2016
Phi Delta Theta House

Grab a Phi Delt and make your way to the Phi Delta Theta House at UT Arlington on December 10th for a white elephant date party. Bring a gift and participate in the fun!